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The Rise of Eco Fashion as The New Style

Fashion has always been a blend of glamour, sparkle, flashy lights and expensive, original fabrics. Designers used to capture the essence of this mix through silk, cashmere, leather, wool or angora. However, things have started to change. Nowadays, there is a powerful tendency to “go green”, and recycled clothes have become a genuine fashion trend.
Designers are creating new, beautiful looks and they’re more socially and environmentally responsible. They’ve began making clothes from eco-friendly materials, thus improving their production methods to reduce carbon footprints and even make new garments using old outfits. Many of us have never been truly aware of how much damage can be done through fashion. Only the process of turning raw materials into textiles produces hundreds of chemicals, which are extremely harmful to the environment.
One of the first combatants in this new direction is Gary Harvey, former Creative Director of Levi Strauss and Dockers Europe. The designer has created a new innovative couture ball gown line that had an outstanding success. Using recycled items such as military jackets and discarded wedding dresses was the main secret of the designer. He managed to create amazing pieces that were highly valued by the critics.
However, he is not the only designer with cruelty-free collections. Marc Bouwer and Stella McCartney are also on the list of fashion designers who are willing to give up expensive materials in exchange for eco-friendly materials. Marc had so much success with his creation, that he dressed Oscar winning actresses in his gowns. Halle Berry, Angelina Jolie, and Sandra Bullock are just a few of his fans. In addition, Stella’s collections are selling in high amounts every day. She offers a complete line of women’s clothing that is completely animal free, and still manages to remain hip, fun, and colorful.
Moreover, since eco-friendly fashion became so popular, several celebrities have joined the trend creating their own personal lines. One of the most appreciated is Edun, a collection that belongs to the U2 singer, Bono, and his wife, Ali Hewson. Apart from fashion, the line aims to support fair trade in developing countries, such as Tanzania, Lima, Peru, etc. The collection features organic cotton dyed chemically free using vegetable colorants.
Being promoted at such large scale, ethical fashion doesn’t seem to be going down any time soon. On the contrary, it gains more popularity with every day that goes by. According to the non-profit Organic Exchange, sales of cotton have climbed in the last years. Also, several international discount chains like Tesco and Wal-Mart have started providing organic and fair trade clothing to their consumers, supporting this way the going green movement.
In addition, there were developed new ways of manufacturing products, based on eco-friendly procedures. The use of natural fibers, bamboo, and hemp, is encouraging more and more designers to make their collections from recycled clothes. Eco-friendly materials can look as just fashionable as expensive materials if they’re crafted properly. Top designers have managed over the past few years to come up with fabulous collections made of green fabrics. The quality is similar, and if crafted properly they can look just like any other expensive material.

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